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Jessica Fox, CFF® - Financial Services Professional

Jessica has been in the retirement and wealth strategy services realm for a number of years and joined the team in early 2022 as a Safe Money Financial Professional at Iron Point Retirement Solutions.

Jessica’s background in hospitality sales, paired with her Master’s Degree in Religious Studies, naturally complements her very client-oriented approach to helping her clients achieve financial freedom and peace of mind. Her goal with every client is to not only educate but to
empower them so that they can retire happy and without worry.

Outside of work, you can find Jessica rescuing cats, going to movies with friends, yoga, nature walks, reading nonfiction or hitting the gym.

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Disclaimer: Iron Point Retirement Solutions, LLC and its affiliates are not Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and do not prepare tax returns, nor do they buy, sell, or advise on specific stocks/bonds/mutual funds clients should acquire or sell but do advise clients on how to build a more tax-efficient portfolio through various retirement strategies and advise clients on how they can utilize their portfolio using Safe Money Concepts.  Iron Point Retirement Solutions, LLC also helps individuals planning for programs such as Medicare, Social Security and other governmental agencies that we are not affiliated with. Individuals looking for more information about these governmental agencies should visit SSA.gov or Medicare.gov for additional information